Healed result showing natural brows and eyeliner by Lincoln PMU

10 reasons for choosing Permanent Makeup.

1. Never have to leave the house without makeup on again.
2. Never get up before your partner to apply makeup before he wakes up.
3. Expertly applied Permanent makeup by a good technician means you always look fabulous.
4. A well applied eyebrow can make you look years younger.
5  Alopecia suffers can once again have great looking eyebrows.
6. Never worry about suffering an allergic reaction to makeup again.
7. Look great even in hot humid situations which would normally make your makeup run or smudge.
8.Thinning brows can be thickened and lost eyebrow tails can be replaced giving a more youthful and fresh look to the face.
9. Patients, men or women who are about to begin chemotherapy can have great looking eyebrows throughout treatment enhancing self esteem.
10. Have beautifully applied make up every hour of every day for the rest of your life.

Treatments I offer


 Discount for clients about to undergo or having completed chemotherapy and for Alopecia suffers.

 Discount for clients who wish to have brows, eyeliner and lips all done on the same day.

A complete aftercare package for colour touch up taken after 12 and 18 months if your initial treatment was done by me.


I would love to provide you with more details about my services. Contact me on  07736 392043 or use the contact form.

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I offer a complete package for all your needs including top up treatments.

Spread the cost - pay £50 deposit, half at the intitial proceedure and the balance at the top up to perfection.

All major credit cards accepted.

Special discounts for people about to undergo or completing chemotherapy and alopecia sufferers.

Please contact me for details 

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