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Sheena McBryde DCRR PRM

5 Reasons why people are choosing Sheena McBryde to perform their Permanent Makeup Procedure.

1.   I am a fully qualified Permanent Makeup Artist fully compliant with all health and safety regulations. I have a medical background and was a Senior CT. Radiographer for 10 years; my knowledge of the anatomy of the face is exceptional. I am a registered Clinical Reflexologist.
2.   I am an artist and was previously employed to paint pictures for tourist accommodation in the Caribbean. Who better to apply your permanent makeup than someone artisitc with anatomical knowledge?
3.    I have undertaken one to one training with multi award winning Katy Jobbins who is one of the best permanent makeup artists in the U.K.

I have also undertaken  Phi Brow Microblade training with Branko Babic a world master of this new technique and am a certified Phi Brow artist
4.   I carry out permanent makeup procedures on a daily basis and clients come from far and wide for treatment. I have written a free guide "10 short but important things you need to know before having permanent makeup" which you can download for free. I want you to be well informed.
5.    I guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

CALL ME NOW on  07736392043 to arrange a free no obligation consultation

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I create beautiful symmetry in the eyebrows, re-design the shape, add hairs to sparse areas and create a more youthful look.


I add colour and definition to enhance your eye area.


I correct symmetry and create fullness.

100 % satisfaction with Lincoln Permanent Makeup

Take advantage of my expertise, professional and reliable approach to permanent makeup. I will guide you in your choice of procedure, shape and final colour of treatments. To find out more about the benefits of permanent makeup and the range of treatments on offer CALL ME NOW on 07736392043 or use the contact form

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Call Me now on 07736392043 to book your Free consultation

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I offer a complete package for all your needs including top up treatments.

Spread the cost - pay £50 deposit, half at the intitial proceedure and the balance at the top up to perfection.

All major credit cards accepted.

Special discounts for people about to undergo or completing chemotherapy and alopecia sufferers.

Please contact me for details 

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